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We started with Laminate in 1993 and we have grown to offer the same quality we did then for all the trade printing services you could need.

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Lampro isn’t just your average print shop, it’s a finishing playground! We unlock a universe of possibilities beyond the ordinary print job. Think glistening menus that tempt taste buds, magnetic car signs that turn heads, or eco-friendly packaging that makes a statement.


Need sleek metal prints for a modern gallery feel? We do that. Craving textured, tactile business cards that leave a lasting impression? Don’t sweat it. From shimmering foil accents to durable weatherproof banners, our diverse finishing options fuel your wildest print dreams. So, ditch the limitations, embrace the extraordinary, and let Lampro transform your imagination into a tangible reality.

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lampro: Where Print Gets Finished Right

Forget boring print jobs! At Lampro, we transform your ideas into glistening menus, head-turning car signs, & eco-friendly packaging . Want sleek metal prints for your insta-worthy walls? Or textured business cards that scream luxury? We do it all! ✨ From shimmering foils to weatherproof banners, our diverse finishing options are your creative playground. #printtok #finishingtouches #tradesecrets #businessgoals #sustainableprinting #makeastatement #lamintatelife #levelupyourprint #brandingmagic #printandfinishlikeapro

lampro: Where Print Feels as Amazing as It Looks

Forget flat, ordinary prints! At Lampro, we elevate your creations with premium textured laminates and over-laminates. Imagine menus that feel luxuriously soft like velvet or business cards with the sophistication of textured leather. Our collection of Premium films unlocks a world of sensory experiences, transforming your print into a masterpiece you can touch.


Ditch the Dull, Embrace the Textured:

Lampro Textured Laminates
  • Leather Effect: Impress clients with business cards or invitations that feel as rich as they look.
  • Linen Texture: Add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to brochures,packaging, or menus.
  • No Scuff Protection: Keep your prints looking flawless with a scuff-resistant finish, perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Ultra Matt Finish: Experience the deepest, smoothest matte for a minimalist yet impactful look.
  • Velvet Soft Touch: Indulge in the unbelievably soft and luxurious feel of velvet,guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Lampro’s Premium textured laminates aren’t just about aesthetics; they engage the senses and elevate the perceived value of your print. Imagine the delight of running your fingers across a velvety menu or the sophistication of a leather-textured business card. These finishes add another dimension to your brand experience, making it memorable and unique.


Elevate Your Print

Some of our Textured Finishes

leather textured laminate

Leather Texture Film


linen textured laminate

Linen Texture Film


soft touch textured laminate

Velvet or Soft Touch Film



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